Apple has been providing high-end devices in the iPhone series. When is iPhone 12 coming out? According to the Apple press release, there are various iPhone 12 phones, and their release dates vary. For instance, Apple iPhone 12 release date for the iPhone 12 mini will be on 13th November. However, when you consider the iPhone 12 cost, you may need to think of protective material. A one-time drop can’t deny you the joy of exploiting your iPhone 12 mini features. Buy the best iPhone 12 mini screen protector to extend its durability and another layer of protection. Here is a review of the top 10 best iPhone 12 mini screen protectors you can trust.

iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector

#1. WSKEN iPhone 12 Mini 5.4-Inch Screen Protector

WSKEN for iPhone 12 mini 2020 Screen Protector, 2 Pack

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By WSKEN Store

This screen protector has an open-edge design to accommodate the new 2020 iPhone 12 mine 5.4-inches phones. Again, the company offers an installation kit machine that helps you align the screen protector for a perfect-looking screen. Furthermore, it includes Dry Wipe, Microfiber Cloth, and Wet Wipe that ensures your phone is ready to avoid bumps and bubbles on the screen after installation. Also, it possesses military-grade shockproof and shatterproof properties that provide high-end protection and minimize screen cracks.

  • Diamonds-Hard HD Tempered Glass Film
  • 2 pack screen protectors
  • Open edge design

#2. L K 3Pack iPNi Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector

LϟK [3 Pack] Screen Protector Compatible With iPhone 12 Mini 5G 5.4 inch Tempered Glass [Easy Installation Kit] Full Protection Durable Film, HD Clear, Scratch-Resistant

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By L K Store

If you aim to buy iPhone 12 mine 5G 5.4-inch, this is the best screen protector you should buy. Again, its ultra-clear HD property and 99% transparency enable you to view videos and pictures with distortion of the quality naturally. The provided installation frame ensures accuracy during installation for a more detailed look. Again, this screen protector is iPhone case friendly as it will cover the flat surface leaving the curved edges for the case. It’s also scratch resistance, thus proved better protection.

  • Scratch-Resistant and HD clear
  • Installation frame redivided
  • ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector

#3. Spigen AGL01811 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Glas.tR EZ Fit] designed for iPhone 12 Mini (2020) [5.4 inch] [Case Friendly] - 2 Pack

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By Brand: Spigen

The screen preceptor is a unique creation to fit only iPhone 12 mini 5.4-ich and not any other Apple newest iPhone model. Moreover, the tempered screen’s durability is rated at 9H hardness, which means it will give your full phone protection. It not only comes in two packs but also includes an installation kit for accurate installation. Spigen AGL01811 is also compatible with many other iPhone 12 min cases, including those with the spigen brand. Furthermore, its Oleophobic coating enhances fingerprints resistance.

  • Oleophobic coating enhance fingerprint resistance
  • Includes auto-alignment installation kit
  • 9H hardness tempered glass

#4. YOUMAKER iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector

YOUMAKER Compatible with iPhone 12 mini Screen Protector, Case Friendly with Installation Alignment Frame Tempered Glass Film for Apple iPhone 12 mini 5.4 Inch - 3 Packs

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This case has been designed to cover the entire screen to live room for protective cases. With anti-scratch tempered glass, the safety of your phone is always catered for. It is also manufactured with High-definition hydrophobic & oleophobic coating, making it sweatproof, shockproof, and leaves no fingerprints. Even though it offers protection, it also has an HD crystal-clear screen protector that allows explicit videos and images without compromising quality. Lastly, screen protectors do not affect screen sensitivity.

  • Case friendly W/Installation kit
  • HD hydrophobic & oleophobic coating
  • open edge design

#5. CASEKOO 5.4-inch Screen Protector

CASEKOO Shatterproof Compatible with iPhone Mini Screen Protector, [Military Grade Protection] Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fingerprints Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector - (2 Pack)

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A special screen protector designed to protect the iPhone 12 min 5.4-inch. Moreover, the screen protector features a 0.02mm thick tempered glass and ultra-smooth coating that maintains the touch sensitivity and is hardly noticeable. Also, it includes a light green installation assistance frame, which ensures accuracy and perfect installation. Its tempered glass is Scratch-Resistance Reinforced, thus offering years of service without compromising performance. Additionally, the screen is anti-fingerprints, meaning no traces of your fingerprints will remain on the screen after use.

  • Military Grade Protection
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fingerprints
  • 2-Pack iPhone 12 mini screen protector

#6. Masehome iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector

iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector - Tempered Glass Film Compatible with Apple iphone 12 5.4 Clear Cell Phone Kit - 3 Pack by masehome

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By mase home

The screen protector is precisely designed for iPhone 12 mini 5.4-inch 2020 phones. Furthermore, the screen protector is as thin as 0.33mm, which optimizes the screen’s sensitivity and ensures more robust protection. Additionally, it’s scratch-resistant, highly durable, resistant to liquid, and protective, thus ideal for iPhone 12 mini. It uses 9H Hardness scratch-resistant glass that’s shockproof and scratch-resistant. Apart from the 3 glass screen protectors, it also comes with Dust Removal Stickers, Cleaning cloth, Wet Wipes, and an installation guide

  • Full installation kit provided
  • 3-Pack 9H Hardness screen protector
  • precise laser cut an ultra-thin screen protector

#7. EGV FlatFile2 iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector

EGV [2 Pack ] Screen Protector + Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini 5G (5.4’’), [Full Protection] [Tempered Glass Back & Soft TPU Bumper] Premium Hybrid Protective Phone Cover -Clear

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By Brand: EGV

This is a unique screen protector with a precise cut for iPhone 12 min 5.4-inch 2020 phones. Moreover, it’s made of high-quality materials that preserve the original touch sensitivity of the iPhone 12 mini. Again, due to the high-end tempered glass screen protector, it delivers scratch-resistant protection, making your phone look new. Moreover, it offers 360 degrees protection, ensuring your phone doesn’t crack whenever it drops or is affected by dust or sweet. Lastly, the company provides complete 360-degrees protection.

  • Preserves original touch sensitivity
  • Best iPhone 12 Mini screen protector
  • Offers scratch-Resistant protection

#8. amFilm Glass Screen Protector

amFilm Glass Screen Protector Compatible for iPhone 12 Mini Tempered Glass with Easy Installation Tray (3 Pack)

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By amFilm Store

There are over 5million customers that trust this brand for their high-quality products and good customer service. This screen is a unique design only for iPhone 12 mini 5.4-inch screen. Also, it covers the display area while leaving a chance for the case to ensure full protection. It’s an ideal screen protector that only has 0.33mm thickness, thus protecting your screen without compromising sensitivity and weight. The surface hardness is rated 9H hardness, while the top surface has an oleophobic coating that reduces fingerprint

  • Installation Tray, Wet Wipes and guide
  • Ultra-thin 0.33mm screen protector
  • Durable and scratch-resistant

#9. Maxboost Screen Protector

Maxboost Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector - 3 Pack, Tempered Glass Film for Apple iPhone 12 mini 5.4-inch

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By Brand: Maxboost

This screen protector is coated using hydrophobic & oleophobic transparent layers while protecting the screen from sweets and oil residue found in your fingerprints. For installation, the Maxboost brand has included an installation alignment frame, and you can get online installation tutorials on their website. Again, this is not a screen protector for another newest iPhone model; it’s unique to the iPhone 12 mini. This screen has an ultra-thin layer that preserves the touch sensitivity and 1080x 2340 P screen display capability.

  • Prevent sweat and fingerprint oil residue
  • Ultra-thin & protective build
  • Simple installation kit

#10. FLOVEME 3Pack iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector

FLOVEME for iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector 3 Pack, Clear Anti Scratch Touch Accurate iPhone 12 Mini Screen Protector Tempered Glass with Guidance Frame 2020 Upgraded HD Clarity 5.4 inch

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The screen protector has been specially designed for iPhone 12 mini 54-inch 2020 phone only. Moreover, it has a thickness of 0.02mm, making it ultra-thin and crystal clear so you can see your phone screen without affecting the sensitivity. The glass has 9H screen hardness and a front sensor protector that ensures full protection. Also, it includes Protective hydrophobic & oleophobic coating that allows touch screen accessibility and makes it scratch proof. The provided installation guide frame ensures accurate and quick installation

  • 3 Pack clear anti-scratch screen protector
  • Protective hydrophobic & oleophobic coating
  • installation guidance frame