Since Apple introduced iOS devices such as iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series, there has been a demand for the best iPhone charger cord. Some of the charging cables take too long to charge this apple iPhone. That’s why it’s ideal to find some with the first charging capability.

If you are lucky to have found one, it may take you only 30 minutes to charge your device to 50%. Not all these apple iPhone charge cables can withstand time due to the different materials they are made from.

Therefore, we have uncovered the top 10 best iPhone 12 cables that will make it comfortable while shopping for Apple iPhone charger cable original.

iPhone 12 Cable

#1. AmazonBasics L6LMF-CS-R USB-C to Lightning Cable

AmazonBasics USB-C to Lightning Cable, MFi Certified Apple Charger for iPhone 12 (All Models)

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By AmazonBasics Store

AmazonBasics L6LMF-CS-R is the best 3-Foot apple iPhone charger cable that supports iPhone 12, 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, XS Max, XR, XS, X, 8 plus, 8, and many more. With 18 Watt USB-C wall chargers, you can charge your iPhone 12 phone to 50% in 30min. Additionally, the Apple MFi Certified Charging Chip ensures compatibility with your iPhone 12 smartphone. It delivers up to 480Mpbs high-speed data transfer, thus ideal for moving pictures, videos, documents, and music in seconds.

  • Can withstand 4,000 bend cycles
  • Connector ends have textured groves
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod

#2. Anker A8623011 6Ft MFi Certified iPhone 12 Charger Cable

iPhone 12 Charger Cable, Anker New Nylon USB-C to Lightning Charging Cord for [6 ft MFi Certified]

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By Anker Store

Anker A8623011 iPhone 12 cable, when paired with an 18-Watt or higher charger, powers your smartphone to 50% in 30min. Moreover, it’s MFi Certified, thus compatible with many lighting devices including iPhone 12, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. with a bulletproof fiber core and hard-wearing nylon exterior, this iPhone charger cable amazon best choice can last long enough. It can also withstand 12000 bends, while the 6Ft length ensures that you can charge your iPhone 12 seamlessly.

  • Black 6Ft USB Type C iPhone cable
  • hard-wearing nylon exterior
  • bulletproof fiber core

#3. Anker AK-A8632011 iPhone 12 Charger Cable

iPhone 12 Charger Cable, Anker USB C to Lightning Cable [3Ft Apple MFi Certified]

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By Anker Store

The cable is compatible with a USB-C power adapter rated 87W, 61W, 30W, 29W, or 18W, allowing iOS devices to fast. Moreover, it lasts 12x longer than standard iPhone charges and withstands 12000 bends. Additionally, it has Mfi certification that ensures the safety of your device while still enhancing performance.  With a 480Mpbs data transfer rate, it can be easy to move data from your iPhone 12 to PC within seconds. Anker AK-A8632011 uses 22-AWG wiring with aluminum shielding and Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insulation.

  • TPE shielding ensures protection and durability
  • Withstand more than 12000 bends
  • 480Mpbs high-speed data transfer

#4. AUKEY USB-C to Lightning Cable

AUKEY USB C to Lightning Cable Right Angle 90 Degree 6.6ft Braided Nylon MFi-Certified Fast Charging Cable Compatible

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By the AUKEY Store

These best iPhone 12 cable chargers feature a 90-Degree design that reduces stress on your cable. Also, the design allows watching videos or playing games while charging. Since the cable is 6 inches, you can easily use it in an office setting and at home while relaxing on your bed. Moreover, it’s capable of fast charging your Apple lightning enabled devices. Take advantage of the fast data transfer rate of 480Mbps to transfer media files from iPhone 12 to your PC

  • Special 90-Degrees connector design
  • 6.6ft extended length
  • Aramid fiber core and zinc alloy casing

#5. KINPS Apple USB C to Lightning Cable

KINPS Apple MFI Certified (10ft 3m) USB C to Lightning Fast Charging Cable Compatible with iPhone 12

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By KINPS Store

KINPS Apple USB C to Lightning Cable supports data transfer between iPhone12 and USB-C equipped Mac. It’s also manufactured using highly rated material and manufactured using premium TPE material that can withstand up to 12000 bends. The extra-long 10ft cable is ideal for house and office use by enabling free movements while charging the phone. The USB cable is also compatible with apple 18W/29W/30W/61W/87W power adapters. Lastly, it can be a good option of r charging and synchronizing your iPhone 12

  • Extra-long 10ft USB-C cable
  • Apple Certified Lightning Cord
  • Advanced Durable Materials

#6. Wishinkle 3.3ft USB-C to Lightning Cable

Wishinkle USB C to Lightning Cable 3.3ft iPhone 11 Charger [Apple MFi Certified] Type C to iPhone Cable for iPhone 12

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By Brand: Wishinkle

This cable charger is Mfi certified and follows strict quality testing, which ensures your iPhone 12 device’s safety. With a multi-core copper core, it’s possible to transfer data at high speed or charge the phone quickly. There is an included smart chip that prevents overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting, thus enhancing your device’s safety. It can survive over 5000 bends, which makes it durable than other iPhone 12 cables. Despite the cable being 3.3ft long, it’s also come with a user manual.

  • Fast Charging & data transmission
  • Traceable original chip
  • Multi-core copper core

#7. AmazonBasics L6LMF-CS-R Nylon Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

AmazonBasics Nylon Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable, MFi Certified Apple Charger for iPhone 12 (All Models),

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By AmazonBasics Store

Using an 18W or highly rated USB-C wall charger, you can charge an iPhone 12 battery to 50% in 30 minutes. Also, it uses Apple certified Mfi chip that can charge and synchronize your iPhone 12 devices. Furthermore, it has a high-speed data transfer rate of 480Mpbs that allows easy transfer of media in seconds between the iPhone 12 and Mac. There are also aluminum connector ends that support this cable and can withstand up to 4000 bend cycles. Lastly, it has a Nylon-braided exterior and Travel clasp.

  • 3ft best iPhone 12 cable
  • Apple MFi certified chip
  • Durable nylon braided construction

#8. AOBOR USB-C Fast Charging to Lighting Cable

AOBOR USB C Fast Charging to Lighting Cable iPhone 11 Charger [3ft Apple MFi Certified] for iPhone SE

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By Brand: AOBOR

This charger supports rapid charging up to 3A thus can charge your iPhone 12 and other select iPhone models. The cable is also reinforced with a heavy-duty construction plus premium TPE coating; therefore can withstand over 12000 bends. It comes with an MFi Certified chip that means meaning it meets the standards of apple performance and safety. It’s also the best charging cable that charges not only Apple 12 but also other iOS devices. Charges as fast as apple iPhone charger cable original

  • 3ft Apple MFi Certified cable
  • Charges to 50% in 30minutes
  • Survives 12000 bends

#9. LISEN LP489188GY iPhone 12 Charger Cable

USB C to Lightning Cable 6FT, [Never Rupture][ MFi-Certified] LISEN iPhone Charger Cable 20W PD Fast Charging Nylon Braided Compatible with iPhone12

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By LISEN Store

LISEN LP489188GY belongs to USB-C to lightning cable compatible with many apple phones, including iPhone 12. Also, it can charge your phone from 0-54% within 30 minutes. This USB-C to lightning cable will provide 18 Watt power to your iPhone 12, and it also allows you to transfer data while charging the phone. Having been designed with the original C94 terminal & original chip, you want to receive any pop-up message. Instead, your phone will charge safely and faster.

  • 3D aluminum connector with laser welding technology
  • 2-shade braided nylon shield enhance durability
  • Two-in-one (Charging and sync) iPhone 12 cable

#10. AUKEY US-CB-CL02 iPhone 12 Charger Cable

AUKEY USB C to Lightning Cable 3.6ft [Apple MFi Certified] iPhone Charger Cable Nylon Power Delivery Type C to iPhone Cable for iPhone

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By AUKEY Store

When used with the original Apple USB-C charger, AUKEY US-CB-CL02 can offer the first charging of iPhone 12 devices. USB 2.0 can support data transfer up to 480Mpbs between Lightning-enabled iPhone 12 and USB-C equipped Mac. It’s also the best 3.6ft iPhone lightning cable dealing with flexible braided nylon that can serve over 12000 bends. Using the provided Lightning connectors, you can use this cable to charge the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lastly, it has a cable strap that makes the cable easy to store and carry around.

  • Tangle-resistant cable with cable strap
  • The braided nylon cable jacket
  • 3.6ft iPhone charger cord